My dog pulls on the lead

Are you tired of your dog taking you for a walk?  Does your arm often feel longer at the end of a “walk” than it does at the beginning?!  If so read on!

Dogs don’t know that they should walk politely next to you. They see a big world in front of them and are eager to get out and explore it!  The first time your dog succeeds in pulling on the lead they are rewarded. This of course is done unintentionally by you, but the dog soon learns that pulling gets them where they want to go more quickly.  This behaviour is then associated with a payment – ‘I pull; I get to go where I want to go!’ Bad habits then quickly become routine behaviour.

The Mikki WalkRite range has two great products to help you.  The Mikki Anti-Pull Harness and Walk-Ease Headcollar both work with your dog’s natural reflex system to help discourage him from pulling and come with flexible sizing adjustments to allow you to tailor the product to get the best fit for your dog.  As well as being great products, each comes with a professional training guide giving step by step instructions on how to fit the product and train your dog.

Choosing the right product for you depends on the size and pulling nature of your dog.  Click HERE to see our pulling decision tree to help you identify what is right for your dog.

If your dog pulls strongly, it may also be useful to look at changing your standard lead to one that’s more versatile.  A Multi-Lead can be arranged into a variety of lengths and even allows you to wear it around your body to give you extra security when out walking.

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