My dog ignores me!

Sometimes there is something else your dog is more interested in, or perhaps he knows that responding to you is going to result in an action he doesn’t want such as the end of his walk or the removal of a toy or food he has stolen.

Clicker training is a great way of ensuring your dog’s attention stays on you.  This training method relies on using treats as a reward to reinforce good behaviours that you like and want your dog to repeat. This can help you to encourage your dog to respond when you call its name.

Clicker training has been used successfully for many years across a variety of different animal species. The introduction of clicker training provided a means to train more efficiently, even when at a distance from the animal.  This leads to faster results and more accuracy.  The Basic Command Kit has all you need to get you started including a step by step training guide to help teach you how to train your dog the sit, down, bed and leave commands.

Top Tip – The Deluxe Treat Bag will keep your choice of treats together and easy to access whilst training your pet.  It will also protect your clothing from smells or staining from the treats and allow you to always have rewards easily available when your pet does something you really like and want to encourage.

Check out our basic command clicker training guide HERE.

You can also work on your recall training so your dog’s obedience improves and he is more responsive to you (see My dog doesn’t fetch or come back to me), however if you’re at all worried it is best to keep your dog on a lead at all times.  A Recall Lead comes in a variety of lengths which will allow your dog to have a certain level of freedom, whilst you have the security of still having hold of him.

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