My dog jumps up

We’ve all been there – the doorbell rings and the dogs go mad!  The poor visitor who has come to see you or deliver something to your door is then mobbed with excited hellos and kisses!  Although done with the best intentions, this type of behaviour is something you should try to avoid.  If your dog does jump up at your house guests it’s time to invest in some obedience training to keep his attention on you and having him sitting nicely before you open the door.

Ideally you can teach your dog how you expect it to respond via consistent, rewarding training sessions. Shouting or pushing at your dog will not be successful because you will just create more excitement and are not actually teaching your dog the right behaviours.  Many dogs are very food orientated so this method is a great way to motivate them and keep their attention away from guests.  You can combine the offer of treats with clicker training to reinforce calm behaviour in replacement of the usual manic response.

Clicker training has been used successfully for many years across a variety of different animal species. The introduction of clicker training provided a means to train more efficiently, even when at a distance from the animal.  This leads to faster results and more accuracy.  The Basic Command Kit has all you need to get you started including a step by step training guide to help teach you how to train your dog the sit, down, bed and leave commands.  The kit includes the essential items required to train these commands including a long line, treat pouch and clikka.

Check out our basic command clicker training guide HERE. Achieving the “sit” and “leave” commands will help you train your dog to wait respectfully behind you whilst you open the door or greet your friends.  Until you have successfully achieved each step of the training process you should encourage your dog to go into another room before you allow your guests to enter. This means that you avoid any further development of bad habits. Stay calm and be patient until your dog picks up the new lesson.

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