My dog play bites

All puppies use play biting when they are excited. This is because they haven’t yet learned to play appropriately. Unfortunately, sometimes we come across older dogs that are still play biting. Often these dogs have been encouraged to rough and tumble with their owners and haven’t been taught to focus on toys. It is sensible to stop all play that involves your dog being rough or using its mouth on hands or clothing. Try to predict when your dog is about to make a mistake and stop the game. It is important to teach your dog that playing roughly means an end to the ‘game’.

Encourage games with large toys or items that your dog likes to hold in its mouth. Teaching all the basic commands is helpful as if your dog becomes overly excited you can then use the “Leave” command or a “Sit” or “Down” to regain some control. Short play times are helpful and encourage your dog to play with other toys independently so that he can have fun and entertain himself without you. Make sure that you exercise your dog properly so that excessive energy doesn’t lead to mistakes when playing. Always supervise play with children as they often get overly excited and this leads to a dog making a mistake.

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