My dog chases other animals

For many dogs, especially hounds and terriers, it is their natural instinct to chase something that moves quickly; they are natural hunters after all.  However, any breed can develop unwanted chase habits.

If you know your dog is prone to chasing other animals – be it livestock, rabbits or other dogs in the park, then it is irresponsible to walk them without taking suitable precautions. Doing so might even be breaking the law. A muzzle can offer you piece of mind and keep you, your dog and others safe whilst you are out and about.  However this is only preventative and doesn’t tackle the desire for your dog has to chase.

You should also work on your recall training so your dog’s obedience improves and he is more responsive to you (see,My dog doesn’t fetch or come back to me) however if you’re at all worried it is best to keep your dog on a lead at all times.  A Recall Lead comes in a variety of lengths which will allow your dog to have a certain level of freedom, whilst you have the security of still having hold of him.

Taking his favourite treat or toy out on your walks can also help you keep his attention focussed on you.  Create your own chase games and you may even find that attaching a soft toy to a line allows you to keep your dog focused on you instead of having to go off and find his own fun.

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