My dog has so much energy – what can I do?

How much energy your dog has is affected by their age, breed, diet and exercise regime.

Feeding and exercising your dog is a careful balancing act; the more they do the more they need to eat. Conversely, the less they do the lower calorie diet they require.  Get this balance wrong and you can have a dog that releases his energy in a variety of undesirable ways; be this tearing around or chewing everything in your house, dragging you on the lead when you do get out or annoying the neighbours with digging, howling and escape acts!

Your dog’s breed is also determines their exercise requirements so research your own dog to discover what its original purpose was.  This might help you to understand your dog’s stamina levels; those from the working or gundog breed categories (such as Border Collies or Pointers) are bred to do a job and therefore have both high energy levels and active minds.  If you don’t give your dog something to occupy him, then it is likely he will find something to pass the time all by himself; and this is probably not the activity you would have chosen!

At home, giving your dog a varied selection of toys to play with can help keep them entertained and out of trouble!  Also changing your feeding routine to incorporate a toy that you can pack a mixture of wet and dry food into will make meal times last longer and engage your pet’s brain whilst he’s eating.

Energetic dogs need 2-3 long walks everyday – ideally to somewhere they can be let off the lead to run free and expel some of their energy.  Engaging in a game of fetch is a great way to build upon your recall training and allow your dog to enjoy his time out with you.  You can make games harder by throwing toys further or letting them land into longer grass so your dog has to search for them.  Training Dummies are ideal for this – they float too so can be thrown into water for your dog to get a real work out.

Another way to give both of you a great work out and to vary your time outside together is to go jogging.  Our Jogging Lead has a coil spring lead and specially designed connecting system that spins 360º – ideal for keeping both of you tangle free!

If all of the above are still not enough and your dog still needs more exercise or is particularly intelligent, how about signing up to and agility training or fly ball club.  Agility training incorporates a range of obstacles set over a course that require both your dog’s physical and mental ability to conquer such as jumps, ramps and weave poles.

Fly ball is a relay team game whereby the dogs hurdle over low level jumps, once at the end of the line they hit a ramp which ejects a ball into the air for them to catch and return to you with, back over the line of jumps.  The next dog in the team then repeats this until all team members have successfully completed their turn.

Both these activities can be done for fun, great exercise and obedience training or competitively.  No matter what level you participate at, they’re a great way for meeting like minded people and really enjoying your time with your dog.

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