How can I teach my puppy to play?

All puppies like to play games; either by themselves, with their owner or with another puppy.  Playing helps to keep the puppy entertained as well as helping him to stay fit and develop skills such as good coordination and manners. Another benefit to puppies is that chewing on a toy can help them through the teething stage.

Having toys to chew on can help to prevent inappropriate chewing on your possessions, follow our step by step training guide to help your puppy enjoy them.

Puppies have to learn to play with toys so you should spend time encouraging your puppy to play with his toys. He will need a range so that he has something to suit any mood.

Offer your puppy toys that are sized appropriately for him and take away and replace damaged toys.  Your encouragement will play an important part in his choices of play item.

If your puppy is unfamiliar with playing or is timid, you might have to take time slowly teaching him to play.  Get onto the floor and wiggle his toy at floor level.  Small, quick movements are ideal to evoke some interest from your puppy.  Praise him well when he begins to play.

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