What age should I neuter my new puppy/kitten?

All responsible pet owners should carefully consider the repurcussions of accidental breeding. To prevent unwanted pregnancies, it is best to neuter both male and female young cats and dogs. Ideally, cats can be neutered before adolescence, especially if you wish to allow your kitten outside. Cats may become pregnant surprisingly early and entire Toms can be responsible for a shocking number of kittens. Your dog’s breed, health and temperament will determine when you should neuter. 6 months is usually the earliest neutering is advised but in many cases it is sensible to allow your puppy to mature a little more, or to overcome any early problems.


The Neutering process involves castration for a dog or spaying for a bitch. This can also have many other health and behavioural benefits as they continue to grow up:

  • Reduces the risk of adult male cats and dogs straying and the associated risks of road accidents
  • Reduces the risk of testicular cancer in adult male dogs
  • Reduces uterine infections in adult females dogs, which can be fatal
  • Reduces the occurrence of mammary tumours in adult female dogs
  • Makes cats less likely to fight which reduces the likelihood of wounds, bites and scratches and associated contagious infections
  • Cats that have not been neutered may mark their territory with strong smelling urine deposits and female cats in season can show changes in behaviour including very noisy ‘calling’

The neutering procedure requires an operation under general anaesthetic and usually involves a one-day stay at your veterinary surgery. Afterwards, full recovery at home usually takes five to ten days during which time strict rest is required to allow the wound to heal.

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