How can I introduce my new puppy or kitten to my other pets?

Great care should be taken when introducing any new puppy or kitten to resident pets. Firstly, you must create a safe and controlled situation. It is usually better if you have an extra pair of hands to help you during the first introductions so that you can stay calm and deal with any situation that arises.

Your adult dog should wear a lead for safety but do not allow your puppy to pester the adult since it would then be natural for the adult to reprimand the youngster. Praise your adult for tolerating the puppy and remember to give them plenty of breaks so that they don’t become tired of one another. Use a puppy crate or child gate to create space between them when you are not able to supervise.

Adult cats can be very perturbed when a kitten is brought home. It is often best to let your kitten settle in one room first and to allow your adult to get used to the smell of your kitten via blankets or toys. Slow introductions are much better than suddenly forcing the cat and kitten to be in the same room together. Try to distract with wand toys and a selection of other kitty toys. Either cat should have options to escape from the other if they feel worried. Provision of cat carriers or cardboard boxes can help to create hiding places.

When introducing to other pets, care should always be taken. Never allow your puppy or kitten to chase small pets since this is likely to become dangerous as they grow larger. It can also cause a great deal of stress to the other pet.

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