What is the best way to treat fleas?

Thoroughly vacuum the house to remove any flea eggs, larvae and pupae.

A Mikki Flea Comb can help you identify fleas and eggs in your pet’s coat.

Then spray all over using a┬áveterinary approved household insecticidal spray, which will usually give up to 12 months protection (remember always remove birds or fish before spraying). Wash your pet’s bedding as well as any removable covers where your pet lies (such as sofa covers) and air the house before returning your pet indoors.

It is important to establish an effective flea control programme and routinely treat your pet on a monthly basis to prevent fleas being brought into the house once you have treated the environment. To ensure that no fleas remain untreated continue to vacuum the house once or twice a week for two after spraying. Talk to your vet about a good flea prevention product which will deal with all stages of infestation.

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