How often should you groom your pet?

Most pets enjoy being groomed and regular sessions will strengthen the bond between you while also maintaining a healthy coat.

Generally speaking, shorter-coated dogs require less grooming than those with longer or woollier coats:

  • Long-hair usually requires daily brushing to prevent matting and tangling
  • Medium length hair may be prone to matts and tangles and so a thorough groom once a week is better than a surface groom each day
  • Short-hair can typically go up to a month in-between grooming as long as dead hair is removed daily during moulting seasons

Regardless of hair type, try to groom your pet as often as possible as this will allow them to enjoy being handled and can give an early warning of any signs of ill health such as skin sores, flaky skin, rashes, cuts, bumps and bruises.  Grooming your pet on a daily basis will benefit not only the shine on their coat but also improve their overall well being.

More frequent brushing during the moulting season can help prevent hair build-up which is uncomfortable for your pet – not to mention the amount of dead hair that is left around your house!

If you’re short of time, regular trips to your local groomer can help you keep on top of grooming your pet.  Professional groomers are also a great source of information and can offer helpful tips to make grooming your dog in between salon sessions easy for you to do.

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