Walk-Ease Headcollar by Mikki

Tired of your dog taking you for a walk?

Does your arm often feel longer at the end of a “walk” than it does at the beginning?!

Fear not, the clever bods at Mikki have devised a way to make tiresome walks a thing of the past.

The Walk-Ease Headcollar by Mikki is the latest dog training must-have for all owners of enthusiastic dogs!

This unique training headcollar has been co-developed with Claire Arrowsmith and is designed to take the strain out of the lead, making your time out and about altogether much more enjoyable for the both of you.  It is great for teaching your dog to walk calmly next to you, working on the basis that where the head goes the body will follow!

This special headcollar has a patented “Easy-Steer System” which offers your dog complete comfort while allowing you to maintain control, with a floating lead attachment, allowing you to lead from either side of your dog (and help prevent lead tangles if your dog spins around!)

Fitting the Walk-Ease headcollar couldn’t be easier.  Thanks to its unique flexible collar sizing; this headcollar adapts to the shape and size of your dog – molding to fit the individual shape of his neck.

As well as making some great features for you, Mikki’s key priority was to ensure the comfort and safety of your dog.  The Walk-Ease Headcollar comes complete with a padded, reflective noseband (with ever so cute doggy paw prints) and a collar attachment allowing you to secure the headcollar to your dogs own collar – ideal if your dog is a regular Houdini!

This headcollar has been lovingly made with great attention to detail – all of the materials have been hand picked to ensure the comfort of your dog and it has been highly tested on a wide variety of breeds and dog sizes.

Claire Arrowsmith, Pet Behaviourist and manager of The Pet Behaviour Centre says “Dogs don’t know that they should walk politely next to you – they see a big world in front of them and are eager to get out and explore it!  The first time your dog succeeds in pulling on the lead they are rewarded. This of course is done unintentionally by you, but the dog soon learns that pulling gets them where they want to go more quickly.  This behaviour is then associated with a payment – ‘I pull, I get to go where I want to go!’. Bad habits quickly become routine behaviour. The Mikki Walk-Ease Headcollar works with the dog’s natural reflex system to help discourage them from pulling and I have written an accompanying clicker training guide that helps teach you how to re-educate your dog and reward him for more preferable behaviours – like walking nicely by your side.  I’m really pleased with the results and am recommending it to all my clients.”

The testing process of the Walk-Ease Headcollar development included many pet owner focus groups and dog tests – with fantastic results seen, even where other products on the market have been tried and failed.

The Walk-Ease Headcollar by Mikki is available from all good pet shops, competitively priced at RRP £8.99. For more info, please click here.

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