What can I do to stop my puppy crying?

Your puppy cries because he has been separated from his mum and his siblings. This can be very stressful at times. There are a few tips that you can do to help your puppy few more comfortable at his new home.


First of all, every puppy needs exercise. Make sure you take him out for walks and play with him during the day so that he can burn all that energy. Regular walks also help build your puppy’s confidence over time. Keep him busy and give him something to do.

Secondly, if he has a crate make sure that it’s warm and cosy. You can always put a blanket or an old T-shirt that has your smell. This also helps when you are not in the house as your puppy will find the comfort of your smell and settle down. Puppy loves toys so it will help if you can throw in the crate his favourite toy (you can wrap the toy inside the T-shirt). If you have a wire crate, you can cover this with a blanket to calm him down. Alternatively, you can position the crate in a dark area if this helps.

Thirdly, if he still cries after a while, you can take him out, hold him, walk around the house & comfort him. Don’t overdo this as he will learn that his crying gets your attention and continue to cry even more!

Lastly, if all of the above still does not work. You have to be firm and ignore his crying. Let him cry and go to sleep. Make sure that he’s been fed and has his water beside. Do not return when he cries! Make sure you are consistent with the rules!

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