Mikki’s Day with Dogs4Adoption

A couple of months ago we were sat in our office mulling over ideas for a Mikki photoshoot. With the new range of grooming products coming out it seemed like the perfect opportunity to spend time taking some beautiful pictures to show them off and create more exciting content for you all to interact with. We took this as the perfect excuse to go and meet a load of rescue dogs and Dogs4Adoption were the fantastic charity who let us invade their home.

Rescue centres across the country are full of some of the most loving dogs and most enthusiastic dog lovers you’ll ever meet and Dogs4Adoption is no exception. They very kindly let us, and our talented photographer friend Josh, go and spend the afternoon with them, meet some of the dogs and take some lovely new photos to show all of you the amazing work that rescue teams do day in day out; and the new Mikki Grooming range in action.

Mikki and Dogs4Adoption Blaze Mikki and Dogs4Adoption Bramble

Mikki and Dogs4Adoption Fergus Mikki and Dogs4Adoption Hazel

Mikki and Dogs4Adoption Milo Mikki and Dogs4Adoption Oggis















Dogs4Adoption is based in Wrantage, Somerset and runs alongside St Giles Kennels and Cattery. When we visited them they had just over 30 rescue dogs in their care and this number fluctuates across the year. We got to work with 7 dogs: Hazel, Bramble, Blade, Milo, Oggis, Kye and Fergus who were all rescued by  the team and were a great representation of the wonderful dogs you can meet in rescue centres. All 7 of the dogs were extremely friendly and affectionate and it was really hard not to take any of them home with us.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank Dogs4Adoption for letting us invade for an afternoon. There are thousands of rescue animals across the country that need a home so always consider your nearest rescue centre when you’re thinking about inviting a new pet into your family. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with their work.

Keep your eye out for the Dogs4Adoption dogs on our Facebook page, Twitter and website in the coming weeks as we share with you the final products of a fantastic day.

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