What dog is right for me?

Bringing a pet into your life will change the way you live forever. Dogs are not only a bundle of joy for any family but they also come with a lot of responsibility. It’s no lie that dogs are often regarded as another member of the family, I mean they need just as much attention, care and support. As your new dog will take up a lot of your time, money and love it is important to have a dog that suits you and vice versa to make sure your dog is getting everything it needs and you can enjoy your time together.

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The main areas you need to consider when choosing the right dog for you are:

  1. Exercise – All dogs need exercise but not all dogs need the same amount of exercise. Think about how much exercise you enjoy doing. If your idea of a walk is a short stroll around the park then it’s probably best to avoid the more energetic breeds. Likewise, if you want a canine companion for long weekend hikes or trips to the Lake District you’d be better off with a dog with more stamina which enjoys a lot of activity. If you can’t provide sufficient exercise for your dog, or are asking too much of them you won’t have a happy dog.
  2. Grooming – Some dog owners will take a lot of pride in the appearance of their dog. They will enjoy the daily grooming sessions which often better the relationship between pet and owner. However, others would rather be doing anything else than having to fulfil an arduous grooming routine. It all depends on the person. It’s worth looking into the coat types of different breeds as you could become extremely overwhelmed by the masses of time you may need to put into this area of dog care. Also consider how house proud you are. If the sight of dog hair around the home is going to drive you crazy avoid dogs that moult a lot to save your own sanity.
  3. Family – It’s important to consider your family situation too when deciding on what type of dog to invite into your home. Do you have young children? Do other children often visit the house? Do you have any other pets? Does anyone in your family have an allergy etc? Asking some of these questions will help to fine tune your selection, for example for a family with young children it would be better to have a more relaxed, calm dog which can vary in different breeds but also a dog’s personal characteristics.
  4. Experience – If you don’t have much experience with dogs, adopting a strong, powerful or difficult dog is likely to make your relationship much more turbulent. Understanding a dog’s temperament before you bring them into your home is a great idea and will help you understand how to bring the best out of them. Dog breeds will often be categorised by personality traits and whilst this can be true in a lot of cases these dogs will also be affected by their upbringing much like humans. Arrange visits with breeders or rescue centres so you can get to know the people behind the dogs and gauge if they will fit into your lifestyle.

Once you’ve considered all of these points you should be well on your way to finding the perfect dog for you. Making the right decision is not just for the benefit of you but also for the dog, they need to have a home that loves and stimulates them and anything other than that will never be enough.

The last thing to consider is where you then get your new dog from. If you’re looking to buy from a breeder make sure to do lots of research first. It’s important to only buy from a licensed breeder with a passion for dogs rather than anyone who just a wants to line their pockets. If you are adopting a puppy always make sure you see them with their mother to make sure that they have had a healthy and happy start in life. Lastly always consider your local rescue centres. There are thousands of unwanted dogs across the UK looking for a loving home and you may just find the perfect dog for you. Rescue centres will often select dogs to meet for you depending on your lifestyle etc. which can result in happy pairings that you’d never considered.

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