Benefits of Having Pets in the Workplace

Ahead of HOWND’s Bring Your Dog to Work Day on the 23rd of June, we wanted to spread the joy of pets in the workplace to you all. Being a pet company, animals are a key part of our business, so I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise you that we often have pets in our offices, some every day, others every now and then. We see huge benefits within not only our team, but visitors, because of our resident office dogs, so listed below are our top 5:

  1. Ice Breaker

Dogs are an immediate ice breaker with new staff or visitors. If you’re a dog lover, they are instantly calming, putting all parties at ease, and encouraging a solid start to conversations. The amount of “business” people we’ve heard doing their pet baby voices would surprise you.

  1. Stress

Several academic studies have shown a correlation between the presence of dogs in the workplace and declining stress levels within a work force. Dogs offer time for employees to leave their work headspace and enjoy some canine time to wind down and breathe.

  1. Exercise

For a lot of us, the work day is mostly spent sat down, at a desk, with our eyes on their laptop screen. Dogs in the office, encourage not only the owners to take a well-earned walk at lunch, but also any other team members who just need a good reason to get out there.

  1. Team Bonding

With most of us spending a lot of our time at work, it’s important for us to enjoy our work, and get along with those around us. As we said in point 1, dogs are a great conversation starter, giving everyone a chance to build relationships, with colleagues or customers, making the working day much more enjoyable.

  1. Happy Dogs

The final benefit is of course for the dogs. Many workers are forced to leave their pets at home for day whilst they’re at work. Dog walkers, doggy day care or helpful neighbours can always create a break in the day for your dogs to exercise, and enjoy some company but it’s not the ideal solution. As long as dogs are comfortable within you the work environment (whatever that may be), it is the perfect way to keep pets entertained whilst still getting your work done. Our resident office dog Huey, could not be happier with his time with us.

So there we go, we’re incredibly excited for Bring Your Dog To Work Day and we hope that you are too. If you’re getting involved we’d love to see your Mikki Pets during their trip your workplace so make sure to use the #BringYourDogToWorkDay hashtag and tag us on Facebook and Twitter to join the Mikki community.

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