Things to Remember When Bringing Your Dogs to Work

We’re very excited about HOWND’s Bring Your Dog to Work Day on June 23rd so we thought we’d put together our top 5 tips to remember before the dogs enter the workplace on Friday.

  1. Company Support

It goes without saying (but we thought we should say it anyway) that you should check with your employers before declaring your workplace an open dog zone. Most companies who allow dogs at work will often use the phrase “well behaved dogs”. Consider the suitability of your dog within the workplace. Are they likely to be nervous in a new space? Are they well behaved around strangers or other dogs? Will they happily lay in their bed in a busy environment or are they likely to be hyper or unsettled? Consider these before, as a misbehaving or uncomfortable dog will do nothing for productivity.

  1. Pet Comfort

Plan ahead and make sure you’ve prepared a comfy space for your pooch to sit in throughout the day. You will need a space for them so that they can get away from people if they want to, as well as space for water and food. You will also need to be able to access an outdoor space for toilet time and exercise.

  1. Colleague Comfort

Whilst you should now have the support of your employer it is important to also gain the support of your fellow colleagues. Check for allergies, fears and phobias which may lead to an uncomfortable work day. Be courteous.

  1. Hygiene

It is your responsibility to ensure your dog is clean and healthy before bringing them to work. Especially if other dogs will also be present, you don’t want to be passing around nasty things like fleas so give your pets a once over beforehand.  Remove loose hair with a good grooming session the day before; make sure you’re on top of worming and flea treatments; and ensure you’re making regular trips outside throughout the day to avoid any nasty accidents.

  1. Have fun

Bringing your dog to work should be a fun experience for everyone involved. Keep your pets entertained with regular breaks and a good walk at lunch. Encourage interactions between your pets and willing colleagues (bearing in mind point 3!) and use the new additions to forge stronger social relationships between you, your colleagues, and even customers. Feel truly thankful that your canine friend is with you, some others won’t be as lucky.

So there we go, we’re incredibly excited for Bring Your Dog to Work Day and we hope that you are too. If you’re getting involved we’d love to see your Mikki Pets during their trip to your workplace so make sure to use the #BringYourDogToWorkDay hashtag and tag us on Facebook and Twitter to join the Mikki community.

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