Tips from the Top!

What makes a healthy and happy pet?

  1. Make sure your pet has an area that they can call their own.  Somewhere they feel secure and can go to when they want some time out to relax.  Mikki Multi-Beds provide a comfy place for pets to snooze.
  2. Giving medicine to your pet – be it worming tablets or something more serious – can be a tricky task.  Asking someone to help hold your dog or wrap your cat in a towel can help keep stray paws away!  Using the Mikki Pill Gun will allow you to administer tablets quickly and efficiently.
  3. If your dog has had his paw bandaged by the vet, use a dog boot to help keep the bandage dry and prevent your dog licking or chewing it.  Mikki Dog Boots come in 7 different sizes to suit most shapes and breeds.
  4. Make sure your pet has a fresh and constant supply of water to help keep them hydrated and healthy.
  5. Clean your pet’s eyes and ears regularly – this will keep them looking and smelling cute, but also help you notice any changes in their health.
  6. Keep your cat’s litter tray fresh by removing all litter daily and disinfecting it weekly to kill the germs and keep it smelling sweet.  Mikki Litter Pan Disinfectants and Deodorisers are designed for use on pet areas and are therefore completely safe.
  7. Help keep your pet’s teeth in tip top condition by brushing them regularly.  Using a pet toothpaste and toothbrush, use a gentle circular action to help remove plaque from the teeth.  Start with short sessions until your pet becomes more used to you doing this.  The Mikki Oral Hygiene Kit has finger toothbrushes to make it even easier to clean your pet’s teeth.
  8. Make sure both you and you pet travel safely.  The weight of an unrestrained pet can be fatal in an accident therefore the Highway Code specifies that car drivers restrain pets as well as humans.  Mikki Car Harnesses and Crates make transporting your pet both safe and comfortable.
  9. If your pet has scurfy skin, use a medicated shampoo or tea tree spray to help relieve the itch.  Mikki Medicated and Tea Tree Shampoo can help alleviate your pet’s discomfort
  10. Has your dog got Dog Breath?!  There is no quick fix to this – but practicing good oral hygiene routines (such as giving your dog a Nylabone to gnaw on and using Mikki Toothpaste Wipes) will help prevent the bacteria that causes bad breath from forming.

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