Tips from the Top!

Kitten & Puppy Love…

  1. Before you rush out to get your new arrival – consider your situation carefully.  New puppies and kittens take time and care to look after.  If you are away often or have a very hectic lifestyle you may not be able to dedicate the time required.  Or maybe you already have other pets or young children – will your new addition fit in with them?
  2. If you are thinking of buying a puppy do some research into which breed will suit you best – perhaps you want one with short hair that will require less grooming or one which doesn’t require many hours of exhaustive exercise each day.
  3. When choosing your new puppy or kitten pick carefully – Do not choose one that cowers in the corner or one is overly feisty as this may cause problems in the future.  Look for bright eyes and clean coats in both the parents and their young – this is an indicator of good health.
  4. If buying a puppy, ask to see both the mother and father and check their history for both medical and behavioural problems.  Also, try to avoid buying littermates as this may cause problems in them ascertaining their pecking order later on as two are notoriously difficult to train together and you may face serious problems when they reach adolescence and begin to compete.
  5. Once you get your new arrival home, spend sometime introducing them to their new surrounding areas.  Make sure they have a constant water supply and somewhere safe and quiet they can go to relax.  Mikki Crates make a great place for pets to chill out though no pet should be left for extended lengths of time.
  6. Make a note in your calendar of the dates for your new pet’s vaccinations so you don’t forget.  With puppies it is also worthwhile booking some socialisation/training courses for when they are over 8 weeks.
  7. Socialising your new pet is an important part of their development.  Getting them comfortable to be handled by both you and other family members and friends will help them feel more confident and make future trips to the vets much less stressful.
  8. All young animals like to play, it’s their way of exploring the world and building their confidence.  Play gently with your new pet, for short periods at a time encouraging good behaviours that you like with an enthusiastic voice.  Clicker training can help teach your pet things that you like and would like them to repeat.  Mikki Puppy Clikka Training Kit has all the tools and techniques required to teach basic commands.
  9. Make sure your pet has a comfy bed – puppies and kittens can sleep for up to 20 hours a day in the early stages.  .
  10. Remember to enjoy your pet – forming a strong bond with your pet through regular handling, grooming and playing will enrich both of your lives and make pet ownership a delightful and rewarding experience.  The Mikki Puppy Grooming Kit and Kitten Grooming Kit are a great introduction to basic handling.

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