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Target Stick

NOTE - This product is now obsolete although it may still be available in some stores. This page is for informational purposes only. Ideal for advanced training.

Our Target Stick is one of the best tools for teaching your dog tricks and focusing his attention.

  • 2 different size target balls
  • Free training guide included

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The best bits...

2 target calls
Extendable pole
Free training guide

Key features

Target training is for more advanced dogs and trainers that have already mastered their basic cues and are looking to teach more advanced tricks or behaviours.

The target stick is an extendable stick with a red ball at the end which is the part you will be training your dog to touch. By targeting your dog to touch the stick you
can easily encourage him to follow it and therefore move in specific places e.g. his bed or agility platform.

Download our free target training e-book to help you get started.

Product Overview

Our target stick is one of the best tools for teaching your dog tricks, as well as focusing his attention when he doesn’t listen to you.

The target stick is ideally used in conjunction with the Mikki Clikka. The stick comes with two balls and extends to 54cm. The beginner’s ball can be removed with a coin to allow use of the smaller ball for more advanced training. It also comes complete with a training guide written by professional behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith.

1 x Target Stick
Product code 6234224
Product barcode 755349232246
Colour Black & red

Cotton canvas
Nylon webbing
Metal snap close
Metal poppers
Plastic clip

Languages on packaging


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