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How to Care for & Maintain Doodles Scissors

For specialist dog grooming scissors, like the Doodles scissors range, care & maintenance is important. By looking after your scissors, you will get the best out of them by maintaining their sharpness and ensure a clean cut. If cared for correctly, your Doodles dog grooming scissors will last for a long time.

This article will help you understand oiling and tensioning as well as other hints and tips to help you on your way to getting the best out of your Doodles dog grooming scissors.


How do I maintain the quality of my dog grooming scissors?
How often do I oil my dog grooming scissors?
How often do I sharpen my dog grooming scissors?
How do I find the right tension for my dog grooming scissors?

How do I maintain the quality of my dog grooming scissors?

6376413 Doodles Straight Scissor 7in 17.8cm packaged with product

The most common causes of damage occurring are the things your scissors will see most often – dirt, moisture and hair. These could cause small scratches and erosion to your blades which in turn will affect the use of the blades.

How to clean my gog grooming scissors
We suggest cleaning your blades and tensioner after every use. This can be done by using the lint-free cloth included in your Doodles scissors pack to brush away any loose hair and moisture on the blades and around the tensioner. The tensioner and base of the blades tend to be most susceptible to moisture build up so take good care of these areas. To prevent rust-causing blockages which will reduce the longevity of your scissors.

How to store my dog grooming scissors
When storing keep the blades in a closed position. Be sure to use the blade protectors included in your pack and store them safely – ideally in the Doodles foam case the product is sold in. If not stored correctly, , the blades could become blunted and misaligned, making them less effective to use.

How often do I oil my dog grooming scissors?

Scissor oil is used to keep your blades and tensioner smooth and well lubricated to stop them from becoming stiff and to prolong their sharpness. Apply 1 to 2 drops of oil on the blades and tensioner and work into all areas. Ensure all areas are applied with oil and then wipe away any excess oil when finished. Remember to only use scissor oil on your scissors. Ask your local pet store for where you can best find scissor oil.

How often do I sharpen my dog grooming scissors?

Sharpening your scissors is important to keep them as efficient as possible. It is recommended you take your scissors to be professionally sharpened and aligned to get them back to their best.

Professional groomers tend to get theirs sharpened every 3-6 months.therefore if you are not using them as frequently, we suggest having them sharpened every 6-12 months. A good way of knowing when you need yours sharpened is when you feel your scissors aren’t cutting as effectively as usual or are catching.

How do I find the right tension for my dog grooming scissors?

Ensuring the correct tension of your scissors has its benefits. Firstly, it provides the right spacing between the blades to prevent catching against each other and allows them to cut the most effectively. Secondly, if you have the blades too tight it causes hand fatigueand the blades will incur more stress and unnecessary wear, resulting in blunting.

Our Doodles scissors have an easy dynamic screw tensioner, turning it clockwise to tighten and turning it anti-clockwise to loosen.

When it comes to using scissors effectively, it’s important to start by testing the tension. To do this, hold the scissors by the one of the finger rings with your left hand and ensure that the scissors are facing either upright or downwards – either way in a 12 o’clock position.

6376412 Doodles Face & Paw Scissor 5.5in 14cm Tension Screw

Next, take the other finger ring with your right hand and open the blades to a 90-degree angle. Once you have achieved this angle, let go of the finger ring and allow the scissors to close by themselves.

When the blades close, there should be approximately 45 degrees space between them. If the blades fully shut or don’t move when you let the blade go it may indicate that the tension needs to be adjusted.

Keep doing this exercise until you have achieved the half-closed position between blades to ensure you have the correct tightness.

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