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How to groom a nervous dog

Whether it’s trimming nails or just trying to brush your nervous dog or cat, maybe they have had a bad experience or perhaps they often get tangles in their coat – no matter how experienced you are or how much effort you put into keeping your pet calm, there are some that simply don’t like to be groomed.

Gentle Grooming:

Your choice of grooming tool is essential – choose a product from our Gentle Grooming range to start you off. These tools allow you to mimic a stroking action so that you can introduce your pet gently to being groomed.

Palm Brushes

Our bamboo palm brushes are gentle both on your pet and the planet. Designed to fit snuggly into the palm of your hand, these brushes mimic a natural stroking action and are the perfect way to introduce a grooming tool to your nervous pet.

With different pins and bristles to suit all coat types, from short to long.

Grooming Gloves

Our grooming gloves stay securely on your hand, meaning you can put all your attention on keeping your pet calm. The different styles suit a variety of coat types and add shine and polish to your pet’s appearance.

Puppy & Kitten Kits

These starter kits set you up with the basic grooming essentials your pet will need throughout their life. Getting your young pet used to be groomed and handled at a young age will make this part of their routine stress free and enjoyable for both of you.

Top tips:

  1. Timing is important. Make sure you pick a time when your dog or cat is calm and relaxed – perhaps after a long walk or in the evening when they are ready to settle down and relax.
  2. Keep yourself calm. If you are anxious your dog or cat will certainly pick up on it.
  3. Start slow and keep sessions short. Begin by getting your pet comfortable with you stroking them before you introduce a grooming tool. Taking the time to keep sessions positive will make things much easier in the long run.
  4. A little bribery never hurts! Many pets are very food-motivated so use this to tempt and reward them. Also praise with an encouraging and reassuring tone of voice. Do a little at a time with each small step offering a reward. Clicker training can help nervous pets learn that their good and calm behaviour brings them a reward. Use your clicker to mark any interaction with the tool and reward by giving them a tasty treat. As you pet becomes more relaxed with the grooming tools, you can proceed to touching them with them.
  5. Leave the worst to the end. If your pet enjoys being brushed but hates having their claws clipped, always leave their nails to the end. Begin by brushing them so they enjoy the session and start to relax before you attempt to even touch their paws.

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