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Recall Training Lead – 10ft/3.04m

Give your dog freedom while maintaining control.

Cotton webbing long line for distance training.

  • Helps you to teach your dog to come back”
  • Allows you to let your dog run whilst maintaining control
  • Let's you interrupt your dog's unwanted behaviour without giving him attention

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Recall Training Lead 10ft
Extra strong but lightweight cotton webbing lead
Recall Training Lead 10ft
Double crossed box stitched clip attachments for extra safety
Recall Training Lead 10ft
Loop handle for extra control

Key features

To use our long line to teach recall, ensure you have some treats or your dog's favourite toy with you before you begin the training. Squeaky toys are often good for gaining a dog's attention and supervised play should be used to reward good behaviour.

Attach the Recall Training Lead to your dog's harness and allow him to drift no more than 10ft away from you. When you are ready, call your dog's name and the command “Come”, in a happy, excited manner to get his attention.
Reward your dog as soon as he returns to you with a toy or a treat and praise: “Good Dog!”
Initially practise your recall in the garden or quiet area using the Recall Training Lead. Continue to recall and reward your dog until his response is quick and reliable.

In a larger open area, gradually allow your dog more freedom while continuing to engage him with recall, treats and praise.
If your dog becomes distracted, hold on to the end and gently reel it in whilst encouraging him to return to you.
When your dog is very reliable, in safe areas you can allow the lead to trail behind him. If necessary, you can pick up or step on the lead to control his movements.

Once your dog has an excellent response to your call, you can walk without the Recall Training Lead.

Top tips:
Don't limit your recall request to the end of a walk. If you do, dogs will quickly learn that it is the end of their fun off the lead.
Recall regularly during your walks to play, treat and interact with your dog so that returning to you becomes a positive experience.

Make sure…
- You take extreme care when using the Recall Training Lead and ensure people or other dogs do not get tangled in the line.
- You use the training lead in open spaces.
- You don't use the lead with very strong or powerful dogs.

Download our free stop pulling training e-book to get started or see our Recall trainging lead in action with Claire Arrowsmith's training video.

Product Overview

Our Recall Training Lead is ideal for teaching recall and controlling your puppy or dog from a distance. With double crossed box stitching for extra strength and durability.

For best results use in conjuntion with a Mikki Clikka to help teach your puppy not to bite and help prevent your dog from jumping up, chasing animals or stealing things.

See our Recall training leads in action with Claire Arrowsmith's Stop pulling training video.

1 x Recall Training Lead - 10ft
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