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Caring for your injured or unwell pet 

We wish your pet a speedy recovery!

As pet owners, it’s inevitable that we may have to care for our pets at home while they are sick, injured or recuperating. This can be a tricky task as we may have to do things that our pet’s aren’t that keen on, such as taking a pill or prevent them from doing something they want to that won’t be good for them, like licking a wound.

Top tips for caring for your sick pet:

  • Keep them clean – A sick pet often can sometimes lack the energy to clean themselves. Give a helping paw with a gentle daily brush and use a clean, damp wipe to clean their eyes, mouth, and ears.
  • Keep them comfortable – if your pet has restricted movement, they will be prone to discomfort and possibly even sores. Make sure they have some comfy bedding and keep their water bowl within nose’s reach. Most ailing pets don’t want to get out of bed, so providing water close by reduces the risk of dehydration.
  • Be aware of their food and feeding – sometimes unwell pets go off their food. Try warming it slightly or offering more smellier, tastier foods than normal. Sometimes hand feeding can help get them started. If your pet is refusing all foods consult your vet for advice for foods to try with a handi-feeding syringe.
  • Attend to your pet’s medical needs and use tools to make these tasks easier. Paw injuries can be kept clean and away from chewing by using a boot to cover the dressing and administering pills can be made much easier and less stressful by using a pill gun.
  • Enrich your pet’s life – this can be done with extra strokes and cuddles or making sure they have an undisturbed place to rest. Using enrichment feeding toys and chews can also help relieve your pet’s boredom and add a little interest to their quiet time

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