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How to tackle Matts, Knots and Tangle

How to tackle Matts, Knots and Tangles

Matted fur is stressful for your pet – it retains their body heat making them itchy and traps dirt next to their skin.

What is a matt and how do they form?

Matts are dense clumps of knotted hair. They form when single hair strands get caught in each other and tangle. More hairs (both dead and live) then join the clump and the matt thickens and gets bigger. Our pet’s can be particularly prone to matting during the shedding seasons when excess or dead hair is trying to leave the coat.

Preventing matts occurring is easily achieved with regular grooming, little and often to keep on top of your pet’s grooming needs. If your pet does develop small matted areas or just the odd knot and tangle, removing these needs to be done gently or your pet will grow to dislike being groomed and it will become harder to keep on top of.

Well groomed coat, free from loose hair and matts
Tangles starting to form from lack of grooming and shedding
Matts starting to form at skin level, not always visible from the top of the coat

De-matting heroes:

If you come across a matt you need to make sure you have the right tools in your grooming collection to tackle them without pulling your pet’s skin and hurting them.

Matt Breaker

Micro-serrated precision cutting blades effectively cut through knots and matts by using a sawing action.
-Suitable for larger knots and matts.
-Ideal for novice groomers.

Matt Master

Micro-serrated precision cutting rake effectively cuts through larger knots and matts.
-Suitable for larger knots and matts.
-Ideal for more experienced groomers.

Matt Splitter

The tapered guide allows you to penetrate the toughest of tangles to effectively and painlessly cuts through the matt. The cutting blade is safely positioned to help prevent accidentally cutting your pet.
-Suitable for smaller matts and tangles.
-Ideal for novice groomers.


Rotating teeth help you to ease through knots and tangles effectively and painlessly.
-A range of combs suitable for all coat types and lengths are available.
-Ideal for all groomers, from the more experienced to novice groomers.

How to painlessly clear a matt or tangle from your pet’s coat:

  1. To begin, brush or comb around the area to be treated, separating the good hair from that of the knot or matt – this will reduce hair loss and make it easier to locate the matts.
  2. When you have located the matt, hold the hair at the root, this will help you avoid pulling the skin.
  3. Using your chosen de-matting tool, use short strokes to cut progressively, working from the outer ends towards the roots using short strokes. Keep the de-matting tool parallel to your pet’s coat and avoid plucking upwards as this maybe painful.
  4. If your pet has very dense matts it may be necessary to rotate your wrist to produce a sawing action. Never force the de-matting tool through the coat, as this not only causes discomfort to your pet but is ineffective.
  5. Delicate areas may be better clipped as they will be more sensitive.

If your pet is excessively matted or you are new to using de-matting products it is wise to seek professional advice and/or assistance from a qualified groomer.

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