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Calming Donut Bed – Small

Perfect for the curler-upers

Ultra soft, self warming & calming pet bed

  • Raised edges create a sense of security with comfortable head and neck support
  • Ultra-soft faux fur is self warming and soothing
  • Non-slip base & machine washable

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Lit Calming Donut S Grey
Raised rim creates a sense of security with comfortable head and neck support
Beruhigendes Donut-Bett S Grau
Non-slip base
Lit Calming Donut S Grey
Machine washable at a low temperature

Key features

Ideal for smaller pets (puppies, kittens & toy breeds) that like to feel secure and enjoy curling up to sleep.

The Mikki calming beds are made of an ultra soft faux fur which is self warming and soothing. The raised rim gives your pet a sense of security and provides a comfortable head and neck support.

To make it easy for your pet to climb in and out, our beds have a non-slip base to minimise any movement.

Keeping your pets bedding clean and fresh is easy by machine washing at a low temperature.

Product Overview

Whatever their snoozing-style, we have a calming solution.

Most of the time, pet anxiety can be solved by creating a safe and comfortable environment. A lack of comfortable sleep can lead to all kinds of physical and mental health problems for our pets. Our calming beds are designed to ease anxiety and give peaceful sleep - keeping your pet well rested and feeling great.

1 x Calming Donut Bed - Small
Product code 6151230
Product barcode 755349152308
Disposal of electrical goods N
Colour Grey
Weight 0.82kg
Assembled dimensions (HxWxD) cm 17 x 52 x 52 cm
Material Ultra soft faux fur, Non slip base
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