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Doodles Coat Black – Extra Large

Stay warm, keep dry. Less friction, fewer tangles.

The perfect coat for curly coats!

Less friction, fewer tangles:

  • Silk lining to reduce friction-caused knots & tangles on curly coats

Snug as a bug:

  • Waterproof & windproof, breathable material with sealed seams to withstand cold, wet weather
  • Fully adjustable around the neck, waist & legs to ensure a snug and protected fit
  • 4-legged, full body design with sanitary provision for clean toileting

Safety first:

  • Lead attachment point on the back, allowing a collar or harness to be worn underneath
  • Reflective safety strips for walks in the dark
  • Machine washable at a low temperature

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The best bits...

Doodles Coat Black Extra Large
  • Silk inner lining to reduce friction-caused knots & tangles on curly coats
  • Doodles Coat Black Extra Large
  • Waterproof & windproof breathable material to withstand the winter weather
  • Doodles Coat Black Extra Large
  • Full body design with four legs & neck cover to provide complete and comfortable protection against winter weather
  • Key features

    There are many reasons to love Mikki Doodle Coats, but the most important one is that they come with a silk lining to reduce friction-caused knots and tangles on curly coats. This means you can enjoy your winter walks without having to worry about coming home with a tangled mess!

    Made from breathable materials, they will keep your pooch warm and protected against wind, rain, dirt and debris.

    Our coats also have fully-adjustable straps for a snug and secure fit around your dog's neck, waist and legs, meaning that they're protected at all times.

    Plus they're machine washable!

    Product Overview

    Mikki comes from a rich history of understanding dog's coats and how to care for them, which has allowed us to create the perfect defence against outdoor elements for the increasingly popular Doodle crossbreeds.

    Alongside our much-loved Doodles grooming range, we now have the perfect coat to keep those teddy bear good looks protected against matts, knots and tangles when you take your dood out for a walk.

    Keep your Doodles floof safe from harsh weather, dirt and debris with our stylish coats. Silk-lined to prevent friction-caused knots & tangles on curly coats, water-resistant & wind-resistant material, and fully adjustable fittings to ensure a snug and protected fit, your pup will have a cozy time during chilly winter days.

    Poodle Crossbreeds have gorgeous looks that require regular professional maintenance and care at home. Just 5 minutes of grooming, daily makes all the difference in keeping your dog's coat tangle free between salon grooms. Using our Doodle coat will make winter coat care much easier and keep your dog looking and feeling great.

    Doodles Coat Black Extra Large
    Product code 6100105
    Product barcode 755349101054
    Disposal of electrical goods N
    Colour Black
    Assembled dimensions (HxWxD) cm 77x38x1cm
    Material Shell - 85% Polyester. 8% Spandex. 7% TPU Lining - 100% Polyester silk
    Languages on packaging English
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