• Improve your dog’s behaviour with simple training techniques
  • Use alongside other training products to reinforce positive behaviour with a well timed click and a treat!

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The Mikki Clikka can help you teach your dog basic commands, tricks and friendly behaviour. With a large easy to use click button and easy-hold finger band, the Mikki Clikka is the perfect training tool for any dog owner. It also comes complete with a neck lanyard and training guide written by professional behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith.

The Clikka is also great for reinforcing good behaviour when teaching your dog not to pull or when he is doing other behaviours you don’t like – such as not listening to you, play biting, chasing other animals or stealing your belongings.

  • Use the Clikka in conjunction with the Mikki Anti-Pull Harness or Walk-Ease Headcollar to stop your dog from pulling. Your dog needs to be trained not to pull and good behaviour needs to be reinforced at all times with perfect timing, using the Clikka.
  • If your dog doesn’t listen, training with the Clikka and the Mikki Target Stick will help you reinforce your eye contact and keep his attention. Teaching your dog to focus his attention on you helps keep his mind off other activities.
  • If he play bites or chases other animals, you can apply firm commands and help keep his attention on you by using the Clikka with the Mikki PlayRite Rubber Toys to refocus him. This is a great way to prevent problems when your dog is excited.

If your dog steals things, training with the Clikka will help teach the ‘leave’ and ‘drop’ commands, this way you can reward him for being good rather than scold him for stealing your belongings.

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