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Bamboo Stripping Knife – Coarse

Suitable for wiry coats.

Our planet friendly, handmade stripping knife strips overgrown hair from the top coat, helping the new coat to stay healthy & shiny.

  • Coarse teeth ideal for wire coated dogs including terriers & schnauzers
  • Shaped thumb hold for great grip
  • Long lasting, anti-rust blades
  • Easy to hold, contoured handle for comfort and control

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Bamboo Stripping Knife - Coarse
Coarse teeth suitable for coarse, thick or longer areas of the coat.
Bamboo Stripping Knife - Coarse
Ergonomic design to help reduce grooming fatigue
Bamboo Stripping Knife - Coarse
Made from planet friendly, sustainable bamboo.

Key features

Stripping knives are used for dogs with wiry coats, like many terriers, and help to tidy up their appearance so as to achieve their breed look. We use the finest quality, heat treated stainless steel. This means they are anti-rust and very durable. The cutting edge is in between the teeth and the teeth tips are blunted to ensure your thumbs are kept safe.

Before you begin, ensure your dog's coat can be hand stripped (i.e. it hasn't been previously clipped which can soften and/or thicken the coat). If in doubt seek advice from a qualified groomer.

Before using a stripping knife, ensure your pet is relaxed and comfortable with being groomed. Don't bath your dog prior to stripping as this will prevent you from getting a good grip on the hair. Remove any knots or matts by brushing through the coat with a slicker and comb first.

Begin by holding the stripping knife with the smooth side of the blade facing you. with your other hand, hold the skin taut close to the area you are going to strip whilst you are stripping - this will make the procedure more comfortable for your dog.
Follow the grain of your dog's coat, use a combing action to catch the hair between the serrated teeth. Hold the hair in place with your thumb and remove the hair by gently pull in the direction of the lay of the coat. Use an arm and shoulder pulling movement, rather than a wrist action to ensure you pull out the hairs rather than cut them with the knife.

Work methodically through your dog's coat, a section at a time until the entire outer coat has been removed. By hand stripping every 4-6 weeks, you will achieve a "rolled coat" where the hairs fit neatly into each other and the coat becomes flatter and coarser.

Our stripping guide has some handy hacks to help you get started.

Product Overview

Why choose bamboo?

Planet friendly:
Sustainability is at the heart of our Bamboo range of grooming tools. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing, renewable resources in the world. Combined with our handmade production processes and recyclable packaging, our Bamboo grooming range has a very low environmental impact.

People Friendly:
All of our bamboo products are handmade, which has allowed us to create lots of ethical jobs for local people - there are up to 10 people powered processes per product! While machines are still used for some parts of the production process, our machine driven production is much lower than for plastic molded grooming tools, which helps support the local economy and also lowers production emissions.

Pet Friendly:
Last but by no means least, our products have a bespoke handle design to maximise the comfort and efficiency of each grooming technique. So our brush handle is designed to work with your natural brushing action and our combs and rakes are designed to work with the techniques you need to use to get great results.
We have decades of experience making grooming products for both professionals and family pet owners. All of this expertise and history of quality has been used to build in product features to make each product easy and comfortable to use for both you and your pet. Our eco-friendly grooming range has products to suit every breed and coat type.

Bamboo Stripping Knife - Coarse
Product code 6280047
Product barcode 755349280476
Disposal of electrical goods N
Colour Wood & silver
Warnings Keep out of reach of children. Use extra care when using any grooming aid with sharp edges.
Assembled dimensions (HxWxD) cm 15x2.5x1.2cm

Bamboo handle
Stainless steel blades

Languages on packaging English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish
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