Caring for your dog while in season

If you own a female dog (bitch) then unless she has been spayed, she will come into season regularly throughout her life. This is commonly known as ‘being on heat’ and when she can get pregnant, so you need to be aware of the cycle to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Season key facts:

  • Many bitches have their first season aged around 6 months old
  • Most season cycles last 2-4 weeks, and occur every 6 months
  • Bleeding can last for 7-10 days (dog and breed dependant)
  • Behaviour may change while your dog’s in heat

What are the signs a dog is coming into season?

Bleeding is the most obvious sign that your dog has come into heat, but you may also notice:

  • A swelling of the vulva (usually a couple of days before she begins bleeding)
  • Licking of the genital area
  • Urinating more than usual

How can I help my dog while she’s in season?

  • Set aside some time for extra cuddles and reassurance.
  • Make sure she’s drinking plenty of water and eating well.
  • If your dog makes a mess, calmly reassure her while you clean it up – don’t scold or tell her off. Consider using dog hygiene pants to reduce the mess.
  • Provide extra toilet breaks, as she may feel the urge to go more often.
  • Aim to keep your bitch away from male dogs while she’s in season – keep her on lead while out walking.
  • If you aren’t breeding from your bitch, speak to your vet about neutering

Provide protection for when your dog is on heat

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