My pet’s moulting is driving me crazy!

Shedding is a natural process for our pets to rid themselves of old or damaged hair and replace it with new hair that is suitable for the environment they live in.

Why do pets shed or moult?

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter…

Changes in temperature and day length “tell” your pet what season it is and determine what type of coat it needs. Many dogs and cats shed their old undercoat each spring to help them cope with the warmer summer weather and re-grow it again as colder temperatures set back in. Our brightly lit, central heated homes can confuse this somewhat, so some pets seemingly shed all year round.

How can I minimise the effects of shedding?

As much as we love our pets, finding their hair all over the carpet, furniture, clothes, car and bedding is not high up on many pet owners list of reasons for getting their pet in the first place. It’s a part of pet ownership that adds extra work to the normal day to day but with the right tools and routines can be minimised and managed effectively.

Brush daily using the right type of brush for your dogs coat type.

Bath monthly using a shampoo specially formulated to help with shedding. Massaging this through a wet coat using a rubber massage brush will help loosen dead hairs, sending them down the plug hole and helping the shedding process.

Your pet’s coat is often a reflection of what they eat, so feed them the best food you can find to suit your budget, with good digestible protein sources.

Cover up soft furnishings with covers or blankets. Shake these outside before washing regularly.

Hoover often! Frequent vacuuming is the best way to keep your home hair free. Our pet hair magnet is great for brushing hair off clothes and soft furnishings, as well as getting into tight areas such as corners and stair crevices.

Top tips for shedding success!

Using the right tool for the job will make the grooming process much easier for both you and your pet. With so many brushes available, it’s important to select the right one for your pet:


Slicker Brush & Comb
Dead hair sheds but sits within the coat, if it is not brushed out, matting will begin to form.

Moulting Season Super Tools:

Moult Master

Very fine teeth grip hair without cutting, pulling dead hair from the coat. You’ll be amazed at how much dead hair can come out of your pet!

– Suitable for short/smooth and medium length single and double coated breeds.

– Perfect for moderate to heavy shedders.


Long angled pins, tease through the coat untangling dead hairs and removing them from the coat.

– Suitable for medium to longer coated breeds.

– Ideal for moderate to heavy shedders.

Undercoat Rakes

Tapered teeth reach down to the lower layers of the coat, pulling out soft dead undercoat, without harming the longer top coat.

– Suitable for thick and double coated breeds.

– Perfect for moderate to heavy shedders.

Shedding Comb

Dual length teeth lift dead hair from the lower layers of the coat.

– Suitable for longer coated breeds.

Pet Hair Magnet

Rubber pimple teeth catch and collect pesky stray hairs on your clothes and soft furnishings.

– A must have for all pet owning households.

Moulting Shampoo

Tapered teeth reach down to the lower layers of the coat, A gentle formula that helps to loosen and lift dead hair from the coat.

– Perfect for moderate to heavy shedding dogs.

Brushes & Combs

Regular grooming with a brush or comb suitable for your pet’s coat type will help keep on top of loose stray hairs and distribute natural oils through the coat which will give them a healthy shine. Regular stimulation of your pet’s skin and coat will keep them in tip top condition and help give them a tidy appearance.

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