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3-in-1 Whistle Clicker Poo Bag Dispenser

Ideal for keeping in control while walking your dog

A dual positive training aid with built in poo bag dispenser make this product the ultimate tool for dog walks

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3-in-1 Whistle Clicker Poo Dispenser
Simple clasp to open dispenser for bag refills
3-in-1 Whistle Clicker Poo Dispenser
3-in-1 Whistle Clicker Poo Dispenser

Key features

Suitable for any pet, ideal for all pet owners!

Use the high pitched whistle to recall & command your dog when neccesary
Large button clicker to reinforce positive behaviour when training and walking
A suitable area to keep poo bags with an easy to access opening and clamps to help tear individual bags off when required out on a walk

Product Overview

Dealing with treats, a clicker and if you're out and about a lead, whistle and poo-bags too can be tricky to master - set yourself up for success with kit that makes your training session easy for you to manage:

Clickers that are easy to keep hold of are essential to your success and enjoyment. Lanyards and finger bands to keep them at hand are invaluable!

Choose a treat bag with easy access to allow you to get treats out easily with a single hand. Extra pockets for all you other essentials such as keys, phone etc are also useful.

Clickers that double up as whistles and poo-bag dispensers are also a great way to ensure you have all the essentials you need to take your training out and about.

1 x 3-in-1 Whistle Clicker Poo Bag Dispenser
Product code 6234226
Product barcode 755349232277
Disposal of electrical goods N
Colour Black & red
Weight 0.072kg
Assembled dimensions (HxWxD) cm 13.1x6.2x3.3
Assembled dimensions (HxWxD) mm 131x62x33

Nylon cord
Elastic finder band

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