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Deluxe Treat Bag

Single handed access to your dog's treats.

Perfect for use during training sessions, keeping your pockets crumb and odour free!

  • Fully adjustable belt strap
  • Easy snap open/close
  • Removable inner treat bag - machine washable
  • Extra pockets perfect for all your personal items

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Mikki Deluxe Treat Bag
Easy snap open & close
Mikki Deluxe Treat Bag
Removeable washable inner bag
Mikki Deluxe Treat Bag
Adjustable belt

Key features

Our deluxe training bag allows you to reach your treats with one hand whilst using a clicker or holding your dog with the other! With a fully adjustable belt strap and extra pockets perfect for all your personal items, this functional training bag is ideal for basic, advanced and competitive training. You can keep your clothes and pockets free from stains and smells by using the inner easy-close treat pouch included.

The bag is ideal for use with treats and rewarding your dog when training to prevent unwanted behaviour such as pulling, chasing other animals and not fetching. Your dog needs to be rewarded every time he does the right thing and you are advised to have treats at hand to reward him. He will soon begin to associate treats with good behaviour.

See our treat bag being used in Claire Arrowsmith's recall training video.

Product Overview

What treats should I use during training sessions?

It is important to choose an appropriate treat to reward your dog's good behaviour. Different dogs will be motivated by different types of treat and it is important to determine what your dog loves the most.

Try a variety of dog treats or cooked meats. Dogs that are extremely keen on food may be happy to accept their normal kibble as rewards. However, most dogs will prefer a more special reward for harder tasks.

Always break the treats into suitable sized pieces for training before you begin your session. Treats should be tiny so that they are easy to eat and swallow; pea-sized pieces are normally ideal. Avoid treats that are large or which require much chewing as this will slow down your training.

Avoid giving your dog large amounts of new treats as this could cause a stomach upset. If your dog has done a lot of training during the day, you may wish to reduce the amount of main meal you offer later on. This will help to balance out his calorie intake for the day. Of course, if your dog has been doing a lot of activity, he may have burned off the extra energy already.

1 x Deluxe Treat Bag
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