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Frequently Asked Questions

…coat coarse.  Our Hard Pin Slickers are a great place to start. How do I use a Stripping Knife? Before you begin, ensure your dog’s coat can be hand stripped…



…Brush Soft Pin Slicker– Medium Anti-Tangle Rake- Medium Anti-Tangle Comb- Flea Ball Pin Brush- Large Massage Palm Brush Soft Pin Slicker– Large Anti-Tangle Comb- Wide Combi Brush- Small Bristle Brush-…


My pet’s moulting is driving me crazy!

…Comb Moulting Shampoo Double/Thick Undercoat Rake Moult Master Slicker Brush Moulting Shampoo Wiry Slicker Brush Moulting Shampoo Doodle/Wool Slicker Brush & Comb Dead hair sheds but sits within the coat,…

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