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My pet’s moulting is driving me crazy!

…it’s important to select the right one for your pet: Short/Smooth Moult Master Bristle Brush Moulting Shampoo Medium Moult Master Slicker Brush Shedding Comb Moulting Shampoo Long/Silky Slicker Brush Shedding…


Frequently Asked Questions

Moult Master, Undercoat Rakes and Slickers. Grooming using smooth, even strokes, applying a little pressure, move in the direction of the coat. The undercoat and dead hair will come out…


Classic Matt Master

A safe and easy way to remove matts, knots and tangles from your pet’s coat….


How to tackle Matts, Knots and Tangles.

…matts by using a sawing action. -Suitable for larger knots and matts. -Ideal for novice groomers. Matt Master Micro-serrated precision cutting rake effectively cuts through larger knots and matts. -Suitable…


Clicker Training

…lead, whistle and poo-bags too can be tricky to master – set yourself up for success with kit that makes your training session easy for you to manage: Clickers that…

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