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My pet’s moulting is driving me crazy!

…it’s important to select the right one for your pet: Short/Smooth Moult Master Bristle Brush Moulting Shampoo Medium Moult Master Slicker Brush Shedding Comb Moulting Shampoo Long/Silky Slicker Brush Shedding…

Moult Master - Small Animal

Classic Moult Master – Small

NOTE – This product is now obsolete although it may still be available in some stores. This page is for informational purposes only. The grooming time saver!…


Frequently Asked Questions

…great! Our range of Shedding & Undercoat products is a good place to start – particularly our Moult Master, Undercoat Rakes and Slickers. Grooming using smooth, even strokes, applying a…

Matt Master

Classic Matt Master

A safe and easy way to remove matts, knots and tangles from your pet’s coat….


Clicker Training

…lead, whistle and poo-bags too can be tricky to master – set yourself up for success with kit that makes your training session easy for you to manage: Clickers that…


How to tackle Matts, Knots and Tangles.

…matts by using a sawing action. -Suitable for larger knots and matts. -Ideal for novice groomers. Matt Master Micro-serrated precision cutting rake effectively cuts through larger knots and matts. -Suitable…


Hints & Tips

…claws Stripping Knives: For who and how? How to tackle Matts, Knots and Tangles. Fleas and Ticks My pet’s moulting is driving me crazy Dog & Cat Training tips Walking…

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