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Frequently Asked Questions

…Moult Master, Undercoat Rakes and Slickers. Grooming using smooth, even strokes, applying a little pressure, move in the direction of the coat. The undercoat and dead hair will come out…


My pet’s moulting is driving me crazy!

…for moderate to heavy shedders. Undercoat Rakes Tapered teeth reach down to the lower layers of the coat, pulling out soft dead undercoat, without harming the longer top coat. –…



PLANET FRIENDLY PET GROOMING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fuS8bqWKWQ OUR GROOMING CATEGORIES OUR PRODUCTS Puppy & Kitten Kit Soft Pin Slicker- Small Anti-Tangle Rake– Wide Anti-Tangle Comb- Fine Ball Pin Brush- Small Bristle Palm…


How to tackle Matts, Knots and Tangles.

…matts by using a sawing action. -Suitable for larger knots and matts. -Ideal for novice groomers. Matt Master Micro-serrated precision cutting rake effectively cuts through larger knots and matts. -Suitable…

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